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Precise profile & uniform hardness - the new hammer line from Semloc

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With the new hammer line from Semloc Tools, extremely accurate, DIN-compliant hammers have been created that delight customers, users and safety officers.

Discover the advantages – you will be amazed – promised 😉


  • Forged from the best quality steel grade C45
  • Induction heating of the quality steel to 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius to guarantee a clean forging process
  • Induction hardening of the hammer tracks and tiller at 800 degrees and a hardening depth of up to 6 mm
  • Controlled, precisely specified tempering process to stress relieve the hardened steel
  • Precision grinding to a level of accuracy unparalleled on the market to date. Every edge break has exactly the right angle – every hammer path is ground precisely and slightly crowned.
  • Hickory wood from original US imports with a basic moisture content of approx. 8-12
  • Gentle, controlled drying of the hickory stems down to 5 – 6 % residual moisture to guarantee optimum dimensional stability and toughness of the wood
  • Accurate mortising into the DIN-compliant hammer eye and wedging by means of a ring wedge that has proven itself a million times over
  • Neutral PAH-compliant surface coating of the hammer shafts
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating of the hammer heads
  • 0.5 % of each production batch is tested and documented for break resistance, bending stability and pull-off force from the hammer eye


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